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THE BAKER’S SECRET by Oliver Holloway

Chapter 1


It was a foggy Monday morning when Bob lit the oven in his shop as he had done for the past 20 years. Bob had been Sherborne's ultimate baker for many years, and although he had stiff competition from other bakers and trouble from some of them, none have succeeded in topping his prize winning cakes and special breads.

The morning started as normal as any other but there was something weird about the day.

The postman had been and gone; the dustbin men had collected the rubbish, but outside was a large Mustang with a BLACK DOT on the bonnet. They had come for him. THE BLACK SPOTS!

Bob went mad, he had heard of this gang so he ran upstairs to fetch his baby girl. (His wife had died in childbirth.) Wrapping the baby in a silk blanket Bob dashed down the stairs and sprinted for the back door, as he opened it he ran straight into a large fist. Bob fell to the floor crying, "No, no, don't hurt my kid!"

Chapter 2


Years later it was another nightmare that woke Bob. "I can't sleep properly, not since my kid was taken," muttered Bob. "Ever since that day my business has gone down the drain and I've been looking for revenge."

Bob had had no luck for nearly 20 years so he decided to go and see the famous detectives Cludeo and Leonardo - the best detectives in the country.

“I can't wait to get my hands on the Black Spots and Spotty their evil leader. Those murdering, thieving killers." Bob said to himself as he hailed a taxi into the next town.

Stopping outside a rundown office, Bob walked up to the door. There was a faded brass plaque on the door; it read Detective Cludeo and partner. Pressing the doorbell Bob heard a faint ring deep inside the building and footsteps coming down the stairs. A tall dark figure opened the door, there was a slight pause before the figure spoke, " Cludeo here, how may I help you?"

"Hi "said Bob ," I'm known as baker Bob and I have a problem, I need your help to find my missing daughter.

The detective led the way into a small cramped office where he was joined a moment later by his partner Leonardo the two detectives had cracked a lot of cases and Bob told his story over a cup of coffee.


Chapter 3

The next day, after Cludeo had visited every informant around town and contacted a couple abroad making enquiries about the Black Spot and their leader the evil Spotty, Leo said" we should go to the scene of the crime" Cludeo and Leo got to the bakery after a long drive and looking around Leo started blabbering excitedly as he started to make sense of the it all. " There are no windows and a weak point at the back door so it was an easy ambush, we should have kept the Black Spot leader in custody when we had him"

Opening the back door Cludeo realised that there was a track leading to a dense wood at the back. Following the track the two detectives walked into the woods and came to a…