The Balance of Family Essay

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-The Balance of Family-

This abstract piece of art is a representation of my family. Included are my two brothers, mom and I. The point of this project was to portray your family through shapes while using the elements of art and design.
Throughout my sculpture there are constant elements of line and shape. All of the shapes play off each other making different distances of space. I have focused on balance, movement, and unity as the underlying principles of design. Three adjectives that help describe my sculpture are clean, balanced, and unique.
The materials I used to create my sculpture were foam core, x acto knife, sandpaper, and a hot glue gun. The technique I used when cutting was to line the shape while applying minimal pressure and then cut layer through layer. I think the skills required to make an abstract sculpture out of foam core are creativity and focus. The hardest part of the project for me was deciding what represents each member of my family and trying to do them justice. Although the easiest part was gluing each piece together because all you need is precision.
I want viewers to see my mom as a smart, loving, and solid shape of the family but also portray the journey she has overcome. My shape was one of the more difficult shapes to create but I decided on portraying how I am the balance of the family who always likes to keep everyone happy while showing my stubborn, caring, easy going personality. Nick is my youngest brother, he is trying to find