The Ban Of Cell Phones And Texting While Driving

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My research paper was on the ban of cell phones and texting while driving. The paper was based on the support of the ban and what harm it has caused. My research paper became problematic due to the fact that my position was not made clear to the reader.
Deciding to construct a report based on the action that so many of us do was found to be very ideal to me. Knowing that I was victim to a distracted driver on their cell phones it gave me a personal testimony that qualifies me to talk about the dangers and harm of what using cell phones and texting while driving can do to a person. When first receiving a license everything is new, and parents expect us to be responsible while driving. Being on the phone was not one of them; in driving school hearing that being on the cell phone will cause accidents is something that was not said. There were so many more topics to choose from but this was one that I believe needs to be address numerous times until people understand the harm.
When I began my research on the ban and the effects it had there were so much I did not know. My research was conducted on the University of Maryland University College (UMUC) library database; although I did take a look at some highway traffic control statistics on Google the main research was on the library’s database. There were so many scholarly journals and information enough to complete my paper.
The UMUC database was easy to use; when I first began to attend UMUC I took a class that helped on how to do research what words to use to have an effective search within the database. They have