The Bar Kokhba Revolt Essay

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Research the Bar-Kokhba revolt of A.D 132-136. Write two paragraphs, one explaining the causes of the revolt, and the other describing the outcomes.

During around 132 A.D, a man going by the name of Simon Bar-Kokhba started a Jewish rebellion against Roman rule. It all began because of the Roman emperor, Hadrian. While Hadrian was sympathetic to the fact that the Jews were always being in captivity, he still had certain demands for the Jewish people. Hadrian allowed the Jews to return to Jerusalem, and also allowed them to rebuild the Holy Temple, which made the Jews happy. But then, Hadrian began to make other demands; he wanted the Jews to move the Holy Temple from Jerusalem, and also wanted to deport some Jews to North Africa. This is when Simon Bar-Kokhba began to start planning a rebellion against the Roman. He was sick and tired of being ordered around by the Romans, and together with a group of Jewish generals, he began secretly planning a war against them. After this, Simon Bar-Kokhba was later known as the Messiah.

For four years during the Bar-Kokhba revolt, Jerusalem was an independent state. With an army of around 350,000 soldiers, Simon Bar-Kokhba managed to keep the Romans away from Jerusalem. The emperor Hadrian was forced to bring in generals from all around the Roman Empire to help him fight off the Jews. However, in A.D 135, Simon Bar-Kokhba began to fall under the pressure of the Romans, and a constant fear of spies trying to betray him. The Romans were later able to defeat the Jews in the battle of Beitar, after Bar-Kokhba claimed that a rabbi…