The Battle At Saratog Battle Of Freeman's Farm

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September 19th, 1777
The Battle at Saratoga- Battle of Freeman’s Farm
Kelly Wagner
During the summer of 1777 the British devised a plan to cut off New England from the rest of the colonies by attacking from the North, South, and the West. By succeeding this maneuver they could have officially ended the American Revolution. British General John Burgoyne led a troop south from Montreal to Albany, New York. To get to Albany they traveled along Lake George, Lake Champlain, and the Hudson River. The original plan had been to join with the two other troops coming from the south and west. Unfortunately for them their path to Albany was faltered with trees blocking their way, which in turn slowed them down.
By the time they reached Fort Edward they were very low on supplies. Because of this they sent a detachment to Vermont for supplies and cattle. It was intercepted by colonists and General John Burgoyne’s troop numbers dwindled.
At the same time the British General Howe traveled north from New York City. On their way though they changed course and decided to overtake Philadelphia. They did overtake Philadelphia and defeat George Washington’s Continental Army, but this caused the patriots to retreat to York. This move prevented General Howe’s troop from meeting up with General John Burgoyne’s troops. George Washington soon realized that there was soon going to be a battle so he asked for militia and sent his troops north.
This resulted in countless amounts of Continental Army