The Battle Of Fort Sumter

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;ge 7iiiAfter the South won at Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861, the next major battle was at a small river in Virginia called Bull Run----July 21, 1861

Hundreds of spectators from Washington watched the battle thinking that it would have been quick. They thought it would be exciting to see some action.

The Union drove the Confederates back at first but the Confederates held strong under leadership of Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson. They then unleashed a savage counterattack that forced the Union to retreat bak to Washington DC.

Most prominent military generals: Ulysses S.Grant for the Union & Robert E. Lee for the Confederacy. Both men fought together during the American Mexican War.

The Confederates stopped to Union from capturing their capitol (Richmond). By 1863, Lee was ready to invade the North and march toward DC the Union’s capitol.

The Anaconda plan was due to surrounding the Mississippi and cutSouthern supply line.

The Civil War was more than just a war. It pitted brother against brother. Soldiers came from every regions, most of them from farms.

North Strategies from (General Winfield Scot, hero of Mexican War):

blockade Southern ports gain control of the Mississippi River which would split the Confederacy in two (Anaconda Plan)
In the East capture Richmond (the confederate’s capital)
In the West seize the Mississippi River

South Strategies:

conduct a defensive war expected support from France & Britain for cotton supply

When Lee tried to invade in September 1862 he failed. He lost the battle of Antietam in Maryland which was the deadliest single day of the war.

After battle, Lincoln decided to also free the slaves. He did this with the Emancipation of Proclamation.

Why did the South loose the Civil War?

The North was more industrialized and it affected the outcome f the war by making them more dominant.
The North had 22 million of population and the South had 9 million (3.5 were slaves)


In the East the Union captured Richmond (the confederate’s capital)
In the West the Union seized the Mississippi River
Confederates counted on money & supplies.

Confederates won the first