The Battle Of Midway Essay

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The battle of Midway Island
During the Pacific War in the World War II, the battle of midway is a significant turning point, which eventually led the victory of the United States military forces. On account of the U.S armies succeed on the intelligence, had the sensible strategies and some sorts of fortunes, somehow, the battle of Midway as a typical battle which U.S troops use the few to defeat the many has an attractive “glamour” to be researched by us.

Body paragraph: a. The background of the battle of Midway 1. Japanese military forces assaulted the Pearl Harbor unannounced i. The United States was joined the WWII, and opened the Pacific theater. ii. Although, the Pacific Fleet had been hammered heavily, all of the U.S. aircraft carriers were not in the Harbor, which kept the core forces of the U.S. navy.

b. Defeated Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) at Midway. 1. The geographical and strategic importance of the Midway Atoll. “The big advantage of this approach was that both Japan and the U.S. would be operating far from home bases; the operation against Midway was advantageous to the Americans because it would take place close to Hawaii but far from Japan. Further, the Japanese would have been within range of their own land-based aircraft, something they did not possess in regards to an attack on Midway.” (The Midway Campaign, December 7, 1941-- Jun. 6, 1942, page 194) 2. Get the important intelligence from Japanese army i. U.S. Navy Intelligence Agency decoded the secret codes called JN-25 from Japanese navy. ii. the intelligence indicated that the Japanese did not intend any action against the Allies in the Central Pacific, however, they were planning to launch a major assault against the island of Midway. iii. the Supreme Commander of the U.S. navy admiral Nimitz planned to set a trap for Japanese navy at the Midway Island. 3. the sensible strategies helped the U.S. navy i. the aircraft carriers were dominant forces in U.S. navy, nevertheless, Japanese navy ignored the significant effect of the aircraft carriers and too much dependents on the battleships which would be eliminated after WWII. “The Pacific War gave the most powerful demonstration that aircraft had come to dominate naval warfare. Fought across an ocean which covers approximately half the earth's surface…” (The Face of Naval Battle: The Human Experience of Modern War at Sea, page 141)

ii. the American Navy gathered their military forces together, in contrast, the Japanese Navy deployed their military forces