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The Beach
Alex Garland

The Beach is a story about Richard, a young British man who has the inability to see through the eyes of stereotypical tourism. He wants more from Thailand, other than clustered beaches and cheap knock off clothing. He wants to be and experience difference. He discovers an island perfect for his wants, and with a map and a French couple, Étienne and Françoise they set off and find it. “This place was a beach resort for people who didn’t like Beach resorts.” While reading this, I interpreted Richard as a symbol of youth. Always looking for adventure and change, never quite wanting to settle just yet. And the beach was the dysfunctional form of heaven that its small gathered community had become obsessed with. But the longer he lives there the more the horrors peek out of its many shadows. When a shark attack’s three Swish men, the people of the beach help. The face of death is something no one can ignore, not even these perfect “party-goers”. But as one comes out with only a severe injury, his life still fully attached to his heart the community grows restless; his constant whimpers of pain and deep sobs destroy the fun and happiness the Beach is supposed to generously supply. So they send him out into the jungle to slowly, painfully die, refusing him access to a hospital in fear that he might speak of their beloved secret. This reminded me of places like America, they are constantly adding to their collection of high-rise buildings and…