the bear curse Essay

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nce upon a time their was a teenager girl that loved her teddy bear so much that she would do anything for it.But that bear had a curse on him that makes him turn into a bear at night.And one night there was a huge amount of people killed.This bear didn’t want to harm anybody,but the curse would only get strong at night.He would get tempted to harm only at night,he would turn into a huge brown beast with red eyes.But when the bear would always disappear the girl would cry and cry until she would calm down and go to sleep.The next day in the morning she would see her cute bear,and she’d think it was just a dream the whole time.The girls mom knew that the bear had a curse on it,because that bear was also hers when she was smaller.But the moon wouldn’t tell the girl,even though she would cry and cry all night.

fter a week past and the same problem every night with the bear, something had changed that night the bear had stayed as a real bear day and night now.The bear got scared and ran away from home.Later on that year the girl learned faster and got smarter.She then found out about the bear curse,and decided to search for him by herself.She decided that since the bear had ran away,she was never happy anymore.Then she was ready,she packed up stuff and went on with her journey.She went to every village she would find on her way still nothing.Until she got to a village,very destroyed and dead people everywhere.She was amazed ,but the dead people were leading to a really