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The Beatles Love: Cirque Du Soleil The Beatles Love is a Cirque Du Soleil performance that is housed at the Mirage in Las Vegas, NV. Cirque Du Soleil has many themed shows that tests the acrobatic and athletic skills of hundreds of performers. The Beatles Love celebrates the musical legacy of the Beatles. Created from the poetry of the lyrics. The show dives deep into the content of the music in a series of scenes using real and imaginary characters. The Love Theater, which replaced the Siegfried & Roy Theater at The Mirage, is said to have cost more than $100 million. The theatre is circular so that the audience can capture every stunt and dance move. There are 5 speakers in each seat making it possible to pristinely hear every note sung and played, as well as the recorded conversations from the original Beatles used throughout the show. Parts of the show are interactive allowing the audience to travel in time and feel like you are experiencing Beatle mania for yourself. As if the view, music, and interaction isn’t enough; the cast members are performing unimaginable stunts right before your eyes. The storyline loosely follows The Beatles’ biography in broad strokes from The Blitz, through the band's founding and climb into Beatle Mania, their psychedelic and spiritual works and their break-up in 1970. The finale is a joyous celebration of The Beatles' "reunion" that the show itself represents. The Beatles superstardom took place during…