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Discovery Story.

The city life gleamed with brilliance, utter amazement filled every corner. In the centre of the city was the city square, often regarded as the centre of the world. The picture perfect location in the entire world. To the North of the Square was the Business area, where all the businessmen in suits go in the mornings and work till night. To the North East of the city Square stands the shopping malls, culinary restaurants and cafes, the businessmen afore mentioned go there in the afternoons sometimes, but the place is mostly filled with gossiping women going on their afternoon shopping sprees using up the money made by the businessmen and giving it for their much needed luxury items. To the East of the Square stands the humbling entertainment arenas, where people can exercise, watch movies, hangout and have fun. To the South East of he square is all the educational facilities, a proud university in the middle of the district surrounded by two high schools, both bitter rivals to each other, and two primary schools. To the South of the city is the honest urban living area, the homes are all connected following a building formula from Ancient Rome. The intertwining streets are quiet at night and buzzing in the early mornings as the children come out to laugh with each other and the men walk out, ready for work, nodding to one another without saying a thing. There are no roads in the city as there are no cars, which makes the city all the more beautiful. To the West of the city stands the factories where the less skilled workers go, they provide for the city plus they make revenue as they sell their products to people around the world. Pollution could be seen blowing away from the city towards the neighbouring towns.

The city life is truly amazing and in the centre is the aforementioned city square which is the heart and soul of the entire city. The City square is spacious enough to contain just about every person in the city with room to move around. From any direction from the city square is a new place to be explored, the amazing thing about the city square is that it is the most commercially important place in the whole city as products and people are often sent moving across it trying to reach a different district.

That was how the day of Carrie began as she strolled across from the business district towards the living districts with her trolling rolling behind her. Carrie was a travel beauty consultant, off to sell the products of Mary-Kay to the stay at home women, the ones too afraid to step out of the house and meet their peers at the shopping district for one reason or another. Those were the vulnerable women that Carrie was learnt to target, they often have a large abundance of money due to not spending their time and coin at the shopping district.

Carrie's fist victim of the day was number four, Oatley street. There were two residents to the house there, an old motherly lady, Donna, who was often generous with her money and her daughter, forty year old Matilda who is often too afraid to step out of her house due to how shy she was. It is not known if Matilda had any contacts apart from her mother who she lives with. Matilda and her mother Donna have had a lot of money stored due to Donna's late husband being one of the wealthiest businessman in the business district back when he was alive, his corporation rivalled even the biggest current district but the corporation has since been sold off and fell into ruin with the new owner.

Knock Knock.

The sound of someone walking away from the door could be heard.

Knock Knock.

The sound of soft and slow footsteps approaching the door could be heard, the lock was opened and old lady Donna peered out the door. “Hello dearie, could I help you with anything?” Came the peep from old lady Donna.
“Hello Ma'am, I am a beauty consultant from Mary-Kay, may I come in?” Carrie opened up with,

“Oh, certainly. Come in come in, my little daughter Matilda has been