Essay on The Beggining

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Friday Writing 8/23/2013
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In the beginning, there was darkness. As the solar system developed a big, glowing fireball emulated light on earth where the almighty Hades lived. Hades was the strongest and most powerful god of all. But never, until the fireball in the sky the Sun he called it, lit up the world he lived on had he seen his habitat. Hades had the ability to be in god form or human form. All Hades could see was water. Nothing but water. “What if all of this water could be a habitat for something, as Earth, is a habitat for me?” At the lift of his arms and the mutter of “Let this water become home to thousands of species to both feed and survive off both the water, and one another!” Right as his arms reached their peak dolphins, fish, sharks, and whales began jumping out of the water. As Hades hovered above earth admiriing his work in the ocean a little clownfish, knowing Hades was always listening muttered “H H Hades I’d really like to see something other that just the Sun up in the sky” Again, with the raise of his arms, and a few muttered words birds, geese and ducks filled the sky making it look as though it was night time. Hades knew that the flying animals would need something to survive off of. So with the raise of his arms, first the ground, then the Trees, and flowers sprung out of the ground. As the jungles, and forests and praries grew themselves into place Hades had found yet more habitats perfect for survival. He raised his arms and along came monkeys, lions, tigers, bears, bees, ants, and horses. As Hades switched to man form he was asked by a pig one day why there wasn’t more of him in the world. Hades muttered your wish is my command as he pulled one of his ribs out and stuck