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Life of Luther Rice (1783-1836)






Dec. 8, 2014

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Luther Rice Journey 5
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Thesis: Luther Rice made major impression for purpose of obtain more concerted Christian to Kingdom of God, as one of the known “Father of foreign mission” representative of Baptist organization who made influence West Indies, abroad and at home. This paper will discover contribution of history as Luther Rice: Minister, Educator, and Political representative leader among missionaries. His mission journey pave a foundation for many other missionaries to follow his lead. Moreover, Luther made various contribution to America Baptist movement. After exploring these details help discover understand why Luther Rice was recognize for the legacy he left for the Baptist community.

“Rarely , is one short span of life, has one devoted servant of Christ accomplish so much for the coming of God’s kingdom on earth as did Luther Rice, the first and greatest apostle of missions, God has ever given to Baptist of America”1
The beginning life of Rice
Luther Rice parents’ names were Sarah and Amos he was the ninth child in his family.2 “He was born March 25, 1783 in Northborough, Massachusetts.” Luther father’s passion for being member of military where he earn the rank as Captain Rice Continental in the Army3. His father also had ran a farm with animals where his children acquired ways of skillfulness for their life. “And his mother Sarah had a passion for education of God’s word she constantly assist her son to commit many scriptures to memory. As a child Rice Luther was had ability to commit to memory at four years of age Catechism at Westminster. “4Yet, Luther aspired to one day be like his father Capital Amos Rice. 5 “Capital Rice fight revolutionary war at Bulker Hill”6 As youth he had receive diverse religious influence of practice training thus he understood what a young boy of God look like, yet , he lack the experience and convention in God. “As a child Luther was a quick learner and diligent student. He was an obedient child with an amiable temperament.”7 It seems that he was a confident youth “As Luther (age 16) developing into young youth he was met with challenges being influence of society of his day which stirred him away from things of God, due to his family had a need for economic reasons he out seek lumber job in Georgia. He said Mr. Ross you can count me to go to Boston and Georgia”8 He stay in Georgia doing a job at ship yard timber for building ships for duration of six month. Also, his family had a farm where Luther gain great skills which prepared him for his future destiny in missions. When Luther was in his early twenty’s he had revelation in regards to spiritual convention after reading. “Life and Letters” of John Newton over and over “9 Also was influence other Christian leaders like Alleine’s Alarm, Baxter’s Call, Baxter Saint Rest, Stoddard Safety, President Davies Sermons of such work help gain better understanding his walk with Christ.10 All these skill of Luther rice living on farm, the training gave from his mother and zeal to lead like his father who was Caption would be valuable to desire continue travel foreign land to share the gospel.
Luther Rice Journey
Luther Rice journey brings him point of spiritual awakening enhancement. Next, Luther seek go to school at Leicester academy as prepare understanding his relationship of Christ as attending receive in-depth Greek and Arabic language once he complete school after two years. And he develop his skill in play the flute. He was