The Bell Jar Essay

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This book makes me realize that people who smile and live a “normal life” aren’t necessarily happy. People go through peculiar things and a smile is a disguise to hide those things. We never know what’s going through someone’s head. This book made me realize that depression is a serious disorder that can lead to madness, loss of sleep, lack of energy and disconnect with the world or social contact. This book made me wish that Esther found herself in the beginning before things got too much to bear. Made me wish that she wasn't so concerned about being good enough for other people, colleges, the men she plan to lose her virginity to or even fitting in. I wish that she wasn't so depressed and lost because she truly has potential and is smart. This book made me wish that Esther and I weren't so alike. We have similarities because we don't know what we want to do in life and it drives us crazy. Our uncertainty is what leads us to these frantic thoughts. We are so indecisive and sad. This book made me wonder about what if I don't find happiness or come to a decision with my life? Would I end up like this character? Would I think like this? Would have no energy to get out of bed because I'm too depressed to do so? Would I be so stuck with the past? That I don't pay attention to what I can create for my future? Would I be so stressed because of the colleges and their requirements? Would I live my life by the margins? And by that I mean living with no purpose, just passing each day by like I do now? Would I be lost, puzzled and sad for no particular reason? Would I be constantly searching for the truth and love just like Esther? Would I give up like Esther tried to do so many times (suicide) towards the end of the book?
This book made me feel sad to be honest. It made me feel like it was a wakeup call for me. I had the feeling that could be me in a couple years if I keep it up. This book is so depressing that it put me in a melancholic mood. I was reflecting a lot of thoughts while reading this book. The Bell Jar opened my eyes to a lot of things. It made me see why Sylvia path called it “The Bell Jar”. Sometimes you feel so down it's like you've shrunken like Alice (Alice and wonderland) and…