Essay on The Benefit To Reading Books

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Eli Donaty
The Benefit to Reading Books I cannot imagine a world without reading. How would I know what’s going on in the world, if not for reading the news? How would I learn the styles of different authors and mimic it in my writing? Reading books is a necessity in many different ways. It shares knowledge, helps in school, and, most of all, gives me sheer pleasure.
As technology has improved over the years, more and more people are using their mobile devices and computers to find what they are looking for. Want to know what ablutophobia is? Google it. But without the original dictionary, we would never have known that it is the fear of washing or bathing. While most don’t realize it, we read more than anything else in life. Every job requires reading, and nobody will hire me without decent vocabulary skills. Reading literally makes me smarter.
Since a young age, many people have told me that have a high vocabulary level. I can also say that spelling has never been an issue. Because I have been reading since a very young age, my vocabulary was constantly improving, though I may not have realized it. From kids’ books to adult novels, I have never stopped. I see what it does for me in school, from writing essays to doing homework. I believe that constant reading, as a hobby, will make school less difficult.
I laugh when I hear people say that movies are superior to books. When I read a book, I get to visualize what the characters look like, and