The Benefits Of A Hand Trade

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Competition has been increasing along the years while the economy has been having some problems. The curriculum committee has proposed requiring all incoming freshmen students to become certified in a hand trade, such as plumbing and auto mechanic skills. The university believes that this would help students to be more prepared after college, and also have more opportunities. As a student member of the president’s council, I’m the voice of all students and have been asked to give my position on the proposal. I recommend that all incoming students should be certified in a hand trade, it would not only prepare them to become knowledge workers after school, but also have more world field options other than their majors. One reason why I support the curriculum committee proposal for a trade certification program is that these programs would give students more employment options after school other than their majors. Sometimes students graduate and are uncertain about what they want to work with after school; hand trades would give them the opportunity to take different directions. According to Mathew Crawford from the New York Times Magazine, “The Princeton economist Alan Blinder argues that the crucial distinction in the emerging labor market is not between those with more or less education, but between those whose services can be delivered over a wire and those who must do their work in person or on site”. According to Crawford, “There are systemic changes in the economy,…