The Benefits Of Disbursement

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For most individuals, $30,000 may seem like a substantial amount of money. Following the completion of this project, I realized how difficult it could be to live off of just that much for an entire year. Not only does that cover monthly payments, but it also includes other unexpected disbursements and savings. My dog training career falls under the “blue- collar” category because it is considered manual labor, has an hourly wage, and no education or training is required. With my annual salary being approximately $30,000, being frugal was imperative when it came to the purchase of my apartment and vehicle. My apartment is located in Sanford, North Carolina, which is just slightly outside of Fayetteville. It is a one bedroom, one bathroom suite and has facilities such as a swimming pool, fitness center, and tennis and basketball courts available for its’ residents use. My car is a Sedan- style Hyundai Accent. It gets an average of twenty- eight miles to the gallon and costs $12,455. Handling finances made up the majority of this assignment and constructing a monthly budget was an essential component; my monthly budget was $2,250. The total monthly cost for my apartment was $840, the total cost for my car each month was $382.13, clothing expenses was $75, groceries was $103.76, medical insurance was $75, laundry and toiletries was $104.11, and entertainment and dining out was $150. Altogether, I had $1,730 worth of monthly expenses, so I put the remaining $520 into savings