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Being able to identify one’s own privileges in life can be hard to determine as people often overlook these little things on a daily basis. As mentioned by Hays (2008), privilege is hard to determine as it can change over time as we grow older. According to the ADDRESSSING model by Hays (2008), I am privileged in six areas (age, no developmental disabilities upon birth or now, Caucasian, grew up middle class, and heterosexual). The two areas of privilege that I hold and will be discussing are disability and socioeconomic class.
As a thirty-eight ear old, I can happily say that my health is a very big privilege. With an ever-growing population of health concerns in our country, not having a disability at birth or acquiring one later on is a very big privilege that is often overlooked by many. People often times don’t realize the privilege they have of their health until they acquire a sickness, disorder, or disability. As mentioned by Lipson & Rogers (2000), it is difficult to talk about disability and culture as they are inherited, acquired, and/or congenital and contribute to different life experiences, sociocultural, and economic contexts. As a psychologist, I will have to be understanding of this when working with several different clients whom have different disabilities. My current position as a program director, I find that my privilege of being young often is negative for me as I look younger than I actually am. This privilege is negative in the sense because people assume that I don’t have any experience in my field based upon my age or the age that I look.
Growing up in a working lower class family is a privilege, although as an adult I am middle class. As mentioned by Hays (2008), growing up or currently in a middle class family is a privilege, even if you are not at a privilege later on in life. My mom worked two full time jobs as a single mother supporting two children. I did not have a very privileged life growing up. However, as an adult, I am divorced, single mother of one boy, a program director at a college, and considered middle class due to the amount of money that I make. As a psychology student, I feel that I am better-rounded as I have had a not so privileged life growing up and a privileged life as an adult. However, I am determined to provide this privilege for my son as I