The Benefits Of English And Spanish

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Giving the privilege to our children to write and speak Spanish for the opportunity
Of employment:
Have you ever picked up a help wanted section of the newspaper and it stated must be bilingual or Spanish speaking? Did you know you get a higher rate of pay if you know more than one language? Did you know that there are more people in the U.S. who have Spanish as their primary language that there are in Spain? There are around 45 million registered Spanish speakers in the U.S (Quora). not including those who are here illegally. All industries need people that can speak both English and Spanish and those that are bilingual are given a better job and a higher rate of pay. I find this to be very disturbing because in our schools we are generally given 3 different choices for a foreign language and we cannot even take these classes until high school. I am not sure who can become fluent in another language in a few short years. When you go to school in the United States and you cannot speak our language which is English you are put into the bilingual program. There is no official language in the United States, but a majority of people speak English. The bilingual program is where a child is taught how to speak read and write English with part of the class being taught in Spanish. These programs are expensive because remember if you are fluent in both English and Spanish your rate of pay can be considerably higher. The health care industry has made the demand for jobs with Spanish-speaking employees skyrocket. When a doctor has to use a translator for his or her patients there is a higher risk for the patient to not receive proper care immediately. There is a high demand for nurses that are bilingual, if your patient can’t speak English the doctor or nurse does not know how to properly treat your or give you a diagnosis. Being bilingual and working in a hospital can be very important to make sure your patients always get the care they should.
Over 40 percent of the recent population increase in the U.S. is made up of the primarily Spanish speaking population creating more bilingual Spanish employment (BilingualCrossing). Let’s just say with all of our students starting in kindergarten through their senior year we made Spanish a mandatory class to graduate, what would this do? I know what it would do. Doing this would give our children who were born in the United States the same opportunity to find employment with the same rate of pay as a bilingual person. How do we explain to our children that we are not going to spend the same amount of money on them as we do our Spanish only speaking students. I know if I was a parent I would be outraged that a natural born citizen is getting the upper hand and it is coming out of our tax money. I wonder how many Spanish- Speaking people would get the job if they were competing with an English speaking person who is fluent in two languages. I find it disgusting to open a newspaper and see that I am qualified for a position until I read on and it says “must speak Spanish”! I seriously want to know if it is even legal to put that as a requirement, since my paper is not about anything legal I will not continue to discuss it. “Being fluent in Spanish is a big plus in social services,” says Evie Engler, vice president for Metropolitan Family Services in Chicago, IL. “In many of the communities we serve, our licensed clinical social workers, case workers and counselors must be bilingual to serve families in need of