The Benefits Of Mandatory Voting

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One controversial topic in the political world is whether or not voting should be voluntary or mandatory. Compulsory voting is forcing citizens to vote even if those individuals aren’t willing to. If non-optional voting is signed into law there is a higher chance of people voting just because they have to, not because they truly care about the political elections or who the next President will be. Due to compulsory voting the wrong person may be elected into office and may even destroy the United States. Therefore, American citizens shouldn’t be required to vote in national elections. If they are it could really damage the United States and the votes won’t be as credible as the citizens that truly care about political elections. If voting is mandatory and people can’t voluntarily vote then the out can be an erroneous President will be put into office. One salient point is when people are required to vote there is an increased chance of having “random votes” (Text 2, lines 27-28). The citizens that can care less about national elections will “check off a candidate at random” (Text 2 line 28). For example, if mandatory voting was legalized in this moment and the two nominees were Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton people may check off the first box they see so they can just get it done and over …show more content…
It is understandable that many individuals believe that if voting isn’t mandatory then the political party, democracy, will be weak. What those people aren’t thinking about when they make this judgement is the kind of impact mandatory voting will have on the United States itself and future generations. Mandatory voting can potentially put the wrong person in charge of running the United States. When people vote voluntarily the President is more likely to be chosen conscientiously and the position is more likely put into good