The Benefits Of Returning To College

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In today's society, many students pursue a college education directly after finishing high school. Other individuals choose to return to school for a college degree later in their lives for various reasons. Returning to school as a college student can be both challenging and rewarding, and requires a goal oriented mindset, changes in one's lifestyle, and strategies to overcome obstacles in order to be a successful student. All of these issues were deeply considered in my personal decision to return to school to pursue my college education. For myself, returning to college was an easy decision. It has been a personal goal of mine to obtain a bachelor's degree since entering high school. After high school graduation, I choose to pursue a career in retail management rather than attend a traditional four year college. Later, after marrying my husband, I had the opportunity to attend college with the help of a military grant. This opportunity reopened my eyes to the possibility of finally archiving my long time goal of obtaining a college degree. Finally, I was in a good personal and financial situation to attend college classes. Also, I knew obtaining my bachelor's degree would be helpful in my pursuit of upper management. My ten years of experience as a manager in retail sales prepared me mentally for the life changing experience. For years I had already been dealing with both goal setting and achieving goals. As a college student, this goal oriented mindset would surely prove beneficial to my success. Upon returning to school, I knew there would be several lifestyle changes needed in order to be a successful student. Most importantly was my schedule and time management. In order to ensure timely completion of all assignments, I had to reevaluate my weekly schedule. I had to rearrange certain daily and weekly activities to accommodate both my assignments as well as normal daily and weekly activities. Secondly, I knew that I must maintain my strict diet and exercise regime in order to stay healthy so that balancing school as well as my family and career was less challenging. Another financial responsibility in my life also required me to review my monetary situation in order to afford classes and fees not covered by the military grant I had received. My husband and I decided to set up a separate bank account for my educational needs to ensure all costs could be met without interfering with our regular, normal expenses. All of these issues were considered and dealt with to ensure my success as I took on the responsibility of balancing school, work, and my family. My decision to return to school also made me consider overcoming obstacles. I