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Where Will The Benin Head End Up ?

Today I am going to be discussing who should have the Benin head. The Benin head originally came from Benin (also known as Nigeria). It was taken from Benin by the British. The British took the Benin head from Benin (Nigeria) and brought it to the British History Museum for more tourists/tourist attractions. The Benin head was taken from Benin in 1897. The Nigerians (the people from Benin (Nigeria) had a Benin head for each leader that had passed away. The British wanted the Benin head. The Benin head is now in the British History Museum, and it could have been in Benin (Nigeria). The Benin head was made out of Brass.

The British used to trade with the Oba. One day, the Oba was going to get whipped, as this was an important ritual. A British leader sent a letter to the Oba that said that he was going to visit the oba. When the Oba got the letter, the Oba replied saying you can not come because i am doing a ritual, and you can not see me during this time. The British leader ignored this, and said that he was coming anyway. The British leader took a group of men with him. While the British leader and his men were on their way, the Oba closed all the trading routes, so that the British leader and his men could not get in. On their way, the British leader and his men also got attacked by the Nigerians, and only the the British leader and one of his men survived. Both the British leader and the man went to see the Oba. The British leader askied the Oba to sign a treaty. The Oba's translator told the Oba that this was a trading treaty, and that the British wanted to trade with the Oba, so the Oba agreed and signed it. But the treaty actually said that the British wanted to take over and rule Benin (Nigeria), and they also took the Benin heads, which were carved out of ivory and ivory was very valuable in those times. The Benin heads now rest in a museum in Britain. Today, people are still arguing about where the Benin heads should go.

The Benin head should stay in Britain because Britain would have more tourists. They will have more tourists because the Benin head is a tourist attraction and everyone will want to come and see it. Britain will also get alot of money because people will go to the Museum to see the Benin head, and the people will have to pay to enter the museum and see the Benin head.

The Benin head should go back to Benin (Nigeria) because the