The Beowulf in Us All Essay

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The Beowulf in Us All A hero is commonly defined by his or her accomplishments or feats. The difference in heroes of the past and present is the type of monsters that are challenged. Most of the traits still stand even despite not possessing some sort of super human ability. The monsters today are mainly the small things in our daily lives. Heroes are made today by people exhibiting random acts of kindness. They embody loyalty, selflessness, and generosity. Loyalty is commonly known as a sense of allegiance or support of a cause, but loyalty is much more than its’ chivalrous past qualities. Loyalty is what holds all societies together. If a man is expected to bring water to another in desperate need and is not loyal to the effort then the one in need may die. Every choice we make is like the man with the water. We can choose to not care and let it fall, or we can choose to be the hero by being loyal to our daily acquaintances. We have a job on this earth, to serve. Today’s hero is loyal in this aspect. Selflessness describes a hero in many different ways. The unselfish will give of themselves and not expect anything in return. Even though Beowulf demanded praise from his people after his death, he did not ask for the treasures of king Hrothgar for defeating Grendel and its mother, even though he did receive it. He believed in laying himself down before his people, like a general who does not yell “charge” but “follow me”. A selfless hero does not see himself as a hero but modest through their trials. The act of selflessness surely is a large attribute of a great hero. Generosity is one of the greatest traits of heroes that match today. It is the act of giving and showing compassion towards a people or persons. Showing small acts of kindness is what keeps…