Essay on The Best and Worst: Alphas and Roe's

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Ok so here I am venting myself out again. Unexpectedly, I had to walk home through 10 kilometres of minus 7 degree weather plus wind-chill temperatures. Probably got a frostbitten somewhere on my body. I’m still so numb all over. The shower did help though but for some reason I still feel chills. Here I am in my apartment all by myself. I have few friends, no family in close proximity, and my love life, well that seems to be as non-existent as gravitons at the Large Hadron Collider (if you know physics you’d be cracking up at this point). It seems just like my journey to return the loneliness of my apartment my love life keep walking in the cold, and can’t seem to find a little house with a light on. There’s no fire place where the coals burn brightly, and taking shelter under frost covered pine trees takes its toll at some point. Even now, I don’t really feel like I’m home. Where is home? That is the question I keep asking myself. Well first off what exactly is a home? A home is can be defined literally as a place where one can take shelter or refuge. More figuratively, and in my case psychologically, a home is a place where one feels they belong and can feel comfortable. Where I am now, this is no home. Sure the bed is a place to sleep, the food is mediocre, and there is some privacy, but the people that surround you in this place and their ability to take your life from you is a toxin to my body. Like the cold, its harmful, it sucks the energy out of my system, and leaves impressionable marks when it is harmful enough. There is no love in this place. The walls, the beds, the floor, my clothes, and this laptop I’m typing on; these do no radiate love to me. Affection is the scarcest recourse humanity has access too. And some of us seem to have very limited or virtually no access. The sheets may cover you, but there are times when you go to bed at night, and you wish someone was lying next to you, comforting you, telling you that things will work out, making you smile, filling emotions into your life that you can’t get from other places. Our bodies consume. We get our nutrients from the food we eat and our bodies use chemical reactions to break these down and give us energy and provide our bodies ways of fueling, repairing, and enabling complex actions. We also use senses to help us understand our outside world; sight to view our surroundings, hearing to listen, taste to know what food we are eating, smell to again identify various objects and finally touch, to help us recognize physically object by feeling. I think there is a different type of absorption for our bodies than just nutrients or our senses for information about our world. I think our minds have their own system called “ARE” or Attention Requiring Elements. These elements are thinks that all humans need on a basic level to survive. Things like feeling secure, having a friend, you get the idea. One thing, in my opinion, that there is so scarce of that causes us to be much unhappier than we should be as a species is affection. There is little to no input of affection in the average person’s life. It’s a contributing factor to a healthy human beings life. We need someone to show that they care about us, to give us purpose and goals to achieve, which helps benefit this person and ourselves. Let’s go back to senses for a minute. There is one sense that enables us to feel like some cares about us. Touch. All levels of intimacy, from putting a hand on a shoulder, up to sexual intercourse; all of these action show that someone outside of our mindset, outside of our perspective of life and world cares about you. Someone cares about you. To know that they see you as someone worth caring about, that gives your life a whole new layer to build on. It enables us to feel less insecure about ourselves; it lets us feel freer to explore our options and express our feelings, knowing that someone will always be there for you. Having this safety net allows every one of us to be more…