Essay on The Best Literary Dad, Atticus

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Arham Ahmedani
English 9
May 1st 2013

My dad is the best because he is intelligent and has always been kind and loving. He always spends time with me and my family and always makes me feel better when I’m really sad even though he has lots of work to do and I’m half-a-planet away from him he still does all of his duties towards me like teaching me manners and telling me what is good and what is bad and helps me with me work. He has always been a good listener. Whenever I do something wrong he deals with it patiently and calmly. Just like Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird my dad exhibits the quality of being the best father anyone could ever ask for. In To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee shows that Atticus Finch is intelligent, honest, loving and an amazing parent. In an intelligent and loving way Atticus shows what an amazing parent he is. Atticus has the ability to set good examples for his children to follow and answers all the questions that Scout and Gem ask with intelligence and also in a manner so they can understand. He also tells them to see thing the other way around and explains why he was defending Tom Robinson. He treats everyone equally and justly and gives everyone the respect they deserve without thinking about how they look or how they act. Just like Atticus, my dad has the ability of being able explain things to me and my brother in a manner so we can fully understand and he is willing to work day and night for our