The Best Method Of Learning

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Jamie Corbin
English 101
February 4th
Best Method of Learning
The best method of learning is constantly a topic of debate as new and improved learning methods come about. With the introduction of touchscreens, mobile devices and limitless amounts of information, books, pencil and paper seem to be more obsolete than ever. Nevertheless there remain a select few who believe that the old fashioned method of learning offer valuable and indispensable aspects of learning that the internet simply can’t teach.
Books are great resources for learning, since the dawn of time writing has been one of man’s most prominent forms of communicating information and allowing valuable knowledge from the past to be taught and learned by future generations. Personally I enjoy books far more than the internet as a book is synonymous with a calm linear, focused mindset that the web tends to abandon in exchange for a plethora of overwhelming information. Unfortunately I must also say that when I want to quickly grasp a scientific concept or make quick reference books are no match for the speed, convenience, and ability of the World Wide Web. It is blatantly obvious that the internet can allow you to access an entire library without moving from your seat, even more so it enables multiple perspectives on a single topic that you otherwise wouldn’t be able access. The internet is just too powerful for books to compare in terms of information. I have found that the internet can save a great deal of valuable time. Living by the West Charleston library I often stop by to see their selection of science books and magazines. It takes me an estimated ten to fifteen minutes to find one particular I may be looking for, five minutes of standing in line, and if they don’t have it I have to wait for the library to order it which can take an entire week . Now juxtapose to the internet, easily accessible as I have a smartphone in my pocket I open a page to google and type in some key words and within a few milliseconds I have literally pages upon pages of information that I need. With this comparison it’s easy to see why some believe books are going extinct.
I do believe there are certain restrictions and downfalls to using the web for