The Best of Me Now Essay

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The Best of Me Now – Emily Richardson
1. After high school I plan on taking the right steps towards finding my career. My career goals are to be happy in whatever career I choose because at the moment I am still not sure what I would like to do although I have chosen paths for various careers. I will achieve them by following through with my plans and not giving up. I want to achieve these particular goals because they are important to me, they are important for my future. My Individual Pathway Plan has lead me to my future.

2. I used many tools to figure what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go. My learning skills and work habits gave me an idea about what I wanted to do and what would be good for me based on my assets. Using Career Cluster and Planning all Possible Pathways really guided me towards my career pathway. My strengths, level of resiliency, and interests all help me determine my pathway because they let me know what I will succeed at and what will suit me the best. I researched many different sources to find out more about myself as well as my future aspirations. I also took into consideration many times all of road blocks I will face and if I have the capability of conquering them. With these Individual Plan Pathway’s I will succeed no matter what I struggle with.

3. As a result of the above procedure I learned many different things about myself. I learned that I am strong willed and can keep myself together when faced with difficult tasks. I also learned that I can stay focus and learn very fast. I used these skills to help create my IPP by doing things that involve those skills such as taking courses that are hands on and always going the extra mile to ensure that I am happy with what