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Intro Culture is people's way of life or the way they do things. Different people are going to have different cultures. Bullying reflects our competitive culture also reflects the diversity of culture in a bad way. Culture is passed on to the next generation by learning. A negative part of a culture is reflected in the cultural sensation of bullying. This paper will discuss the definition, causes and disastrous results of bullying that leads to suicide. It will also present some thoughts and ways to reduce bullying and empower victims.
Paragraph 1: There are many different types of bullying including physical bullying, verbal bullying, and indirect bullying. But, there are three main types of bullying starting with face-to-face bullying which is when a child harasses another child personally. Then there is cyber bullying which is when one child is attacked through an electronic object. Then there is when a teacher bullies a student which is found to be the worst form of bullying. Victims can result in becoming depressed and suicidal because of bullying showing how serious of a problem is. Usually bullies feel the need to hurt other people because it makes them feel more important. They might want to get as much attention as possible or feel that they can bully because nobody will stop them. They might also bully because they have been hurt by others and believe their bullying is acceptable. Students who bully others usually need to feel power or are in control and they crave attention. They usually believe they are superior and sometimes feel that the victims provoke attack and deserve consequences. Bullies also always refuse to accept responsibility for their bad behavior. 30 percent of children are daily included in bullying either as the bully, bullied, or both. Every day 160,000 students stay home from school because they are bullied. 61.6 percent of children are bullied because of their appearance or physical disabilities. Bullying can differ from male to female. Girls usually are more indirect with their bullying while boys are usually more direct. Boys also use physical violence much more and will also bully a girl or boy. While girls usually bully in groups and attack someone their own age by gossip, teasing, and socially excluding someone. “People are bullies because they have been bullied. – Kelli Conville
Paragraph 2: Cyberbullying is when someone is tortured, threatened, embarrassed, or mortified by another child using a technological device. Sometimes the cyber bully could become victim because children usually change the victim and the attacker roles. Kids have killed each other or committed suicide if they were involved in cyberbullying. For a situation to be cyberbullying it would have to be a more than one time incident unless a death threat is involved. Children usually can identify when cyberbullying is taking place rather than parents who are more worried about crude language children use through the internet than the rude or hurtful posts that kids post. Cyberbullies are usually charged with assaulting chargers and may even juvenile hall. Some schools get involved by punishing the student for cyberbullying actions that took place but they were not during school hours so they are often sued for exceeding their authority and violating the student's free speech right. Usually they lose as well. Cyberbullying can be up-front for example sending rude text messages or IM’s to someone or post something on an open website. Cyberbullying can happen unintentionally as well. But, a repeated pattern of emails, text messages, and online posts is hardly ever unplanned. A poll from 2006 from the national organization Fight Crime: Invest in Kids found that 1 in 3 teens and 1 in 6 preteens have been the victims of cyberbullying. Children are using electronics younger and younger causing this problem to eventually increase even more. “As a parent I think that cyberbullying is easier to deal it than an