The Bewitchin Pool Analysis

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Science fiction often depicts a world that is similar to ours. However, this world envisions a future or reality that has one or two radically different aspects. This is always intentional because science fiction serves as a reflection of the values and issues in our contemporary society. Rod Sterling’s The Twilight Zone illustrates this concept to perfection in the episodes “The Bewitchin’ Pool” and “Young Man’s Fancy.”

In “The Bewitchin’ Pool” two entitled children, Sport and Jeb, listen to their parent’s bickering all day long. One evening a little boy swims up to the surface of their large pool and screams “Hey! Wanna have some fun?” They continue to look for him and he disappears when their mother approaches. After she is gone
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First would be the concept of wealth and how the wealthy are happy and problem free. Despite their mansion, pool, and “perfect” life, the Sharewoods are a very unhappy family. The parents and the children have little in regard to a relationship, so much so that the children almost do not question leaving their life of luxury behind to live with Aunt T and have happiness in a life without the wealth and comfort that they were accustomed to. Another message to consider besides the wealth of the Sharewoods is how they represent American families. There is a lack of love within the Sharewood family and almost no connection between the parents and their children. It should not be a surprise that the children gravitate toward Aunt T because in addition to the fun of her home, she has a nurturing relationship with the kids she takes care of, something Sport and Jeb lack. The reaction of the kids to their parents divorce is to abandon their parents, which could be seen as a critique of divorce itself which was uncommon at the time. This story fits within the genre of science fiction based on how the children visit another dimension and could possibly become trapped. However, this dimension is a utopia compared to what they experience at home. These characteristics exemplify the science fiction genre of the