The Biased Eye Analysis

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Humans are very interesting creatures. People can be unimaginably complex or unbearably simple. As humans, we decide all of our actions. Everybody knows that. All of our opinions are decided by us. But are they really? How many of our personal choices are just brainwashed social opinions that are driven into our heads by the repetitive media or the bandwagon effect? I claim that some of our own opinions are in fact, now our own. Here we can analyze some facts and experiments shown in the WWYD episodes, and the article "The Biased Eye." One of the biggest effects of the social lies is the opinion of black people in today's world. Our parents want us to be raised believing that justice is color blind. One of the unfortunate downfalls of …show more content…
Of all of the traits that humans have, there is just one little spark above all of them. Human emotions. Compassion, empathy, sympathy, and love are just a few of the many emotions we can express. When you look at humanity as a whole, it really is beautiful. As time has gone on since the late 80's, many of these wonderful sparks of life have been slowly fading away to nothing. I'd imagine that the average office worker in New York wakes up, goes to work all day, walks home, watches Netflix, and repeats the next day. It really isn't a bad life. After a few generations of action movies, and violence everywhere, people are losing the spark. People are born without it. Kids are being desensitized to humanity. We still love family members and friends, but anyone else, a stranger, people just think that it isn't their business to get involved if someone falls on the street. People rarely see other people show empathy and compassion to others anymore. This feeling becomes unknown, and they keep walking. Some even scoff at the scene. Throughout much of time, this spark has been considered what makes humans, human. Without this spark what are we? Have we really eluded humanity?Humans are interesting creatures. People can me unimaginable complex or unbearably simple. What people need to see is people like Linda Hamilton. Linda Hamilton still has the human spark. Hey actions have touched many people. Imagine what the world would be like if 7 billion people were like Linda Hamilton. Linda was the only one who helped the collapsed homeless man in