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Many people would

The Big Bang.
First time visitors would always be left startled and shaken, for the deafening sound of the blast would catch everyone’s attention. The ground would shake, and combined with the loud blasting sound, no matter what you were doing at that time, you would hear the sound and feel the earth moving beneath you. It did not matter how many times you heard the sound, every blast would send a chill down your spine. Not only humans, but animals would notice too. On hearing the blast the odd dog would start barking, as if to signal to other dogs, that would trigger a chain reaction and before you knew it all the dogs in the neighborhood would join, and for the next couple of minutes we would be treated to free dog Orchestra. Up to now however I still can’t make out what key they would be singing in, we just used to call it the discord key. I can still hear the sounds, high pitched and low pitched barking, which would gradually fade out and be followed by a chilling silence. The debate is still out there as to whether that was real silence, or just our ears note recovering and not hearing the low pitched sounds after the deafening sound of the blast. Growing up in an Iron mining town, one did not need a watch to know when it was 12 O’clock. For Every day right on time, the blasting in the humongous open cast mine would go off. Not only cracking the big iron ore rocks underneath, but letting everyone know that it was Midday. “I love the