The Birds Ending Essay

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Adrian Hernandez
Period 3
The Birds
He threw the empty packet on the fire and watched it burn. Nat sat there desperately waiting, switching channels on the wireless but there was nothing but silence between each other and the wireless.
“Mammy what are we going to do about this?” said Jill “Do we have a plan to leave before the birds get in?”
“No, honey we don’t.” said Nat’s wife “We don't know what to do about this.”
As the family sat there thinking what they could possibly do the birds stabbing at the door begins to become louder and stronger, this time it sounds like more birds are trying to break through. Johnny and Jill start to tear feeling helpless about the situation, thinking of getting murdered by the birds. Nat takes a look outside to see what is arising.
“Oh my god…” said Nat terrified of what he has seen
“What’s wrong?” said Nat’s wife
“ They’re hungry, very hungry.” said Nat “Take a look for yourself.”
His wife peeks out of the window shocked to see what was seen in front of her eyes. “A­ A corpse?!” said Nat’s wife also terrified at the sight

“The birds have grown so hungry they’ve began to feast on human flesh.” whispered
Nat to his wife so the children wouldn't hear.

The corpse was a mess, organs were spilled from the body, the birds were snapping at the intestines and dragging more out of the body. The door suddenly breaks down, they looked at one another and ran out of their home through the back.
They did not speak, cry, nor mourn they simply thought of running away as fast they could away from the birds. Before they knew it there seems to be something missing, they look behind to see Jill has tripped, but she was already feasted upon. The birds have become beasts, cannibals. They find to see what they saw out the window earlier is what happened to Jill in seconds. They examined it, each bird pecking at her using their strength to tear open her chest to get to the meat of inside. They tore out the muscles out of her arms and legs and tore out her hamstring as if…