The Birth of My Baby Boy Essays

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At work late one night and my supervisor calls me into the office. The next words to come out of his mouth were six words that I would never forget….”your wife is having the baby”! In a panic I try to gather all of my belongings and rush out to be by her side. In 20 minutes top we were on our way rushing to the hospital which happened to be a 25 minute drive.
Five hours later after much anticipation I was sitting by my wife’s hospital bed with a 6 pound baby boy. Trying to take it all in, I felt my heart beating rapidly as if it were consuming my body. At a loss for words, wanting my first to be the right ones to my first born son, amazingly I could only muster up the word hi! Being just a baby myself I did not know how I was going to raise him the right way, but I could see proud look on my wife’s face which reassured me that our future would be right and that I could handle the challenge of parenthood.
Three days later we walked out of the hospital with sun beaming down on my son’s face for the very first time. I never thought I would see the day that I would share the some stories with my son as my father did with me. Secretly, my concern was rather or not I could show my son the same love as I did my wife equally. I was aware of the long road ahead, but with my wife by my side I knew I could conquer anything. I felt at ease about the obstacles to come. I was so anxious to get our lives started thinking years down the road when in reality we had not even made it to the car yet.
The eagerly awaited day was finally here! Nine months prior there was nothing other than a fetus moving inside of my wife and now I was in this moment with my living, breathing baby boy. The twenty-five minute drive home took us close to an hour due to the paranoia and caution…