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The black death
When did this event take place?
The black death first arrived in England in 1348 by boat and began to fade out around 1350
What were the major political, social, political, and cultural influences of the time?
In the time of the black plague the agricultural based economy in England meant that most people lived in the countryside however London was one of the larger urban areas. England’s population was somewhere around 3 to 7 million people, majority being peasants. The church was incredibly important at the time, the kings word was said to be appointed by god meaning that the people believed the kings word was also Gods word giving him unquestioned power. England was also battling the hundred year war against England which meant continuous conflict at the boarders. Because of this people were forced to live in unsanitary conditions with little hygiene which was perfect conditions for the spread of the plague or black death.
Who were the main people involved in addressing the challenges/ issues?
The main thing involved in addressing the black death was the church as much as the people did to doctors and medics. It is said that the priests and friars visited the rich many times and were paid high amounts, making them all rich. However some priest refused to go near the sick neglecting their “flock” but many also gave their lives in trying to help the sick.
What did these people hope to achieve ?
The people who sought priests for help hoped to achieve a closer relationship to god especially in the hard times as well as their final sacrament when facing the worst of the crisis. Unfortunately for the more religious such as priest and friars, it was more about achieving the wealth and the money. But for some proper souled people it was more about helping the sick and bringing the people closer to god.
What were the challenges/issues for the average person lving their catholic faith?
The population struggled in the time of the black death due to the poor economy and the loss of faith, the people believed that the catholic faith would protect them, that if they repented their sins and did as god wanted them to they’d be safe however after many who did this died of the plague people began distrust the churches “healing powers”. The people believed that the plague was a punishment so when the priests and other holy member’s became sick with it everyone thought god was punishing them all, due to this people began to believe that the church was “artificial” and rebelled against the feudal system.
What were the main ideads or teachings/ practices that came out of this time?
The main practices that came out of the black death