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The Blank Page
XXX E&P YYY (XXX), is an oil and gas company which belongs to the French Multinational Group – XXX SA.

We are in YYY since 1000, when the first concession was attributed to FFF, which merged with XXX and XXX in 2000, forming XXX GROUP in 1990.

XXX is part of Exploration & Production (E&P) activity, the most strategic and powerful area in the Group. We are the area that discovers Oil and bring the fields into production. Once producing the fields are handled by other areas.

Overall E&P has 1900 employees including 1225 YYYns; and 675 Expatriates in areas like support, operation, projects, and drilling.


Several projects are underway to increase oil production. Our department responsibility is to make sure that all training efforts are directed towards those projects to feed teams with qualified, proficient and motivated nationals and expatriates individuals.

The first challenge ahead is called.

For each vessel we need to recruit 60 newcomers. Every person must go through 24 months of intensive training including language, HSE, refreshers course (mathematic, chemistry, etc), personal development, and technical training (upstream certification).

All newcomers must be operational for the field first oil so as not to delay production in line with the project schedule.


Delivering the above is no easy task. The main obstacles are: visas Lack of qualifications
YYYnisation Program, delivering trainings locally.

1. Visas issues

The visa process can take up to 40 days for an application to go through. Typically:

All invitation letters must be signed by local authorities, 10 week days
Once signed requests are mailed to visa services abroad which then send it to YYYn Consulate, 5-7 days

Impact: delay delivering our services, expat trainers not getting visas in time, which reduces the training of scheduled groups and affect our annual commitments to departments. Requires detailed planning well ahead.

2. Lack of qualification

XXX has committed to go to local colleges and recruit young finalists