Essay on The Blessings Of Being Raised By A Low Maintenance Mother

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The blessings of being raised by a low-maintenance mother

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The blessings of being raised by a low-maintenance m
My mom was not an over-glammed woman and for that, I am grateful.

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Brooke Romney
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My mom has a little curve on the tip of her nose that

In today's world, full of over-processed, over-done, o

For her, low-maintenance has never been Birkenstoc

I remember, as a teenager, wondering why she didn't reapply her face more often or get her nail

We shopped together at inexpensive stores where she she taught me how to dress for my body,

I watched her, at times, put a lot of effort into what she looked like ... an extra coat of mascara, ho

Beauty was never a main topic of conversation around our house. It was assumed that we would

Dinner table talk revolved around what we were doing and accomplishing, who we were helping,

5 motherhood myths that are dragging you down (

My mom today 1/3


The blessings of being raised by a low-maintenance mother

Today, as a very financially stable woman in her mid-50s, she is just as grounded. No eyelash or

Yes, she has started getting her eyebrows waxed, coloring her hair, using nicer shampoo, and I'

What my mom taught me

I had no idea what an impact her little choices and quiet example to be her best natural self wou

I have varicose veins that scare children, love handles I can't help but pinch, stretch marks like c

She taught me that being less than perfect is perfectly OK. She taught me that taking care of my

She taught me that real beauty is having a life purpose that allows you to brush aside the unimpo

It's hard to ever…