The Blind Man And The Elephant Analysis

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In reading the “The blind men and the elephant” I found that I was not surprised about the differences of opinions that each man had about the elephant because everyone sees things in their own way. We are all different and our interpretations of things are as different as we are. I liked was the first reading of this parable because it was simple, short and to the point. Even though I have read this parable before I still liked re-reading this. I also have used this parable as an example of the ever pending health care bill. We all know we need Americans need health care and both political parties think they know what’s best but they do not work together therefore they don’t see the whole elephant, and can not solve a vital issue that needs fixing for the better of the people. In the hand book “To his coy mistress” the chapter that helped me to understand the poem more was the moral and philosophical approach in chapter two. “Carpe Diem” meaning seize the day ‘for tomorrow we shall die”. Although sex seems to be the driving factor, I think that the fear of death and the fact that we are not promised a tomorrow are the reasons that the man is so cad in his approach to rush the coy woman into sex. He fears he must live for today because tomorrow may never come, time is important he says to the mistress “coyness would not be a "crime" if there were "world enough, and time” Both poems are subject to personal opinion and their interpretation (or understanding) of what has