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Even the blind would love The Blind Side
Cast: Sandra Bullock (Leigh Anne Tuohy) Tim McGraw (Sean Tuohy) Lilly Collins (Collins) Jae Head (S.J) Quinton Aaron (Michael Oher)
Director: John Lee Hancock
John Lee Hancock brings yet another emotional film to the big screen. Inspiring people with an emotion filled story line. When people watch this movie it brings to life what it must feel like to be out in the world with nothing but a few pieces of clothing.
Paragraph 2-
The story line features Michael Oher who plays for the Baltimore Ravens in NFL. The film follows him through his impoverish upbringing to his schooling at a Christian school, with his adoption by the Tuohys and into his position at one of the most prestigious prospects in a college football team.
Paragraph 3-
Sandra Bullock (Leigh Anne Tuohy) and Tim McGraw (Sean Tuohy) treated Michael with love and respect throughout this movie. In the blind side Leigh Anne showed a lot of emotion towards Michael drawing us in causing our emotions to run like wildfire. She was very strict yet showed elegance and love when talking to Michael through his tough situations.
Paragraph 4-
Through the beginning of this movie it shows a flash-forward of Michael causing you to be confused later on through the movie. The happens of this, makes it hard to understand why this happened at points but then all comes clear as to why it happens later on in the movie.

Paragraph 5-
The moral of this movie is to teach us that everyone is human whether they’re black, white, disabled or different in a way that isn’t usual. It shows that we should never ever say things about other people unless we can prove it, because you don’t know what someone’s life is like until you truly get to experience it with them! Just like this movie has shown us by following Michael and his new family through his life as a Tuohy.
Paragraph 6-
I would recommend this movie for people who love a lot of emotion and real life experiences that many people go through on a day to day basis. The age group that I think this movie is suitable for is ages 15 and above as the perception of this story is very hard to understand and children under the age of 15 probably won’t understand the meanings and actions that are shown in this movie. Honest opinion on this movie it is absolutely great that it shows real