The Bling Ring Analysis

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Some of the most notorious cases of celebrities getting their homes robbed, were executed by a group of teenagers dubbed the Hollywood Hills Burglars. Their crimes were nationally publicized by American media outlets, making the teens famous throughout the country. Various news stations, magazines, and other sources, kept up with the case, allowing the public to get an abundance of information and detail of their crimes. The events that occurred inspired the production of a film called The Bling Ring (Coppola). The film heavily follows ring leader Rebecca, and her best friend Marc, later introducing the rest of the gang into their world. They begin stealing from friends, which later leads to the thrilling acts of burglarizing the homes of A-list celebrities, such as, Meghan Fox, Paris Hilton, Rachel Bilson, and many more. This film gives a dramatic view of how the teens accomplished robbing these homes repeatedly, as well as how it all caught up to them in the end. Throughout the film, there are many symbols being presented to the audience, but in a very subtle manner. The symbols of the pink shoes, the brand names, and the matching rings, reveal deeper explanations than how it is perceived.
The pink heels shown in the film have a more significant meaning than just heels, they symbolize a part of Marc that the audience may not be aware of. The heels are an incidental symbol. Typically pink shoes are simply pink shoes, but in the film they reveal a particular meaning.
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These symbols play a huge role, because they give explanations to certain character behavior and context in the film. The two main characters, Rebecca and Marc, give the audience a look into the influence modern culture has on the naïve youth. What was once harmless fun, quickly turned into a whirlwind of