The Bluest Eye Racial Hierarchy Essay

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In the world we live in, there has been a silent hierarchy of superiority amongst people, primarily when it comes to race. The history of the world has been known for conquest and growth for power that has continued for many generations, which has allowed the displacement of citizenship and ideals of society to become like the white man. The study of the conformity and power of the white man’s society continues to be an important issue because of the increasing subject on equality, racial discrimination, and improvement in the black community. This will be the topic of the paper “The Bluest Eye: The Racial Hierarchy Uncovered.”

In Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye, the desire to have the likeness of the ideal white man and glorified idea that the white race was superior in the United States during this time raises the question: What does Morrison imply about the idea of boundaries and society’s belief on racial hierarchy and how has society’s ideals influenced the people living in it? Morrison uses her novel and main character Pecola to show how what is expected for a person based on race, image, and beauty, in which the desire to become like the white man or woman that has been the goal of the black community to where they cannot be a part of this society if this is not achieved. However, Morrison’s work also suggests that not only in her novel, but even in today’s world, we continue to believe in these ideals and has brought people in conflict, but also a lack of self- love and more hate in the world. Her work speaks on topics that seem to be
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Jennifer Gillian’s “Focusing on the Wrong Front: Historical Displacement, the Maginot Line, and "The Bluest Eye."” provides a though-out discussion of the dynamic moral state in which Pecola lives. Thus, this work will provide me with support for the effects which the idealized ideas of society has influenced the way of thinking in the black