The boat Essay

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# 1
Follow the rules:
1) Don’t go past the buoys
2) Everyone wears a life jacket
3)Listen to your parents
4)Attach ore in properly
5) Boat hold three people not four or five.
So after being moron’s and blowing up the boat without an air pump Jessica Kruis, Greg Smith, Jake and Joey Wantuch didn’t really care about those rules at that time.So we went down to the water and all of us put life jackets on except Jake because the other ones were either way to small or way to big. And Jake can swim pretty good but why not at this situation. So we were on the boat and about 30 minutes later we were past the buoys. And our parents told us not to go too far and did we listen NO. So the bad thing is that it was evening and the waves gotten stronger and it was harder for us to beat the waves. We lost one of our ores during the battle because it wasn’t screwed on tight enough. We had a solution it was to get the rope that was in the boat and tie it and then tie the other end to my cousin Joey that worked out and so he jumped of the boat and started swimming for shore and then the rope let go.Of the rope. And since that had happened the boat flipped over and jake didn’t have a life jacket on . Joey grabbed jake Greg and I flipped the boat over and we put Jake in the boat . We held on to the boat with one hand and swam back to shore.Every one got there safely I don’t know how . We went back to the trailer and then back out to our fort and we were laughing about that incident.