The Importance Of The Human Body

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Everyday billions of people do billions of different things. These tasks are performed by the human body and more than six hundred different muscles that are in it. These muscles contract and relax in unison to create movement. The bicep contracts and triceps relax on the upper arm when you lift up a glass of water. When you put the water back down, the bicep relaxes and the triceps contracts and works with gravity to pull the glass down. These muscles use a lot of energy.
The best example of an extremely hard working muscle is the heart. The heart works nonstop. All the other muscles except for the diaphragm and a few others stop when you sleep, but the heart has to keep beating in order for you to stay alive. It beats around seventy-two times per minute and will pump about 2.5 billion times in the average person’s lifetime. This cardiac muscle cannot afford to stop. If it did, the human body would die within minutes. All muscles require energy. They get this energy from our diet. Our diet can greatly affect our muscles performance. This is why, if you eat healthy, you will be in better shape than someone who eats a lot of junk foods like soda, chips, and hamburgers. A healthy diet consists of a variety of foods. There is no food or pill that can provide all the many nutrients that the body needs to function. Your brain cells will start to die after five to ten minutes of no oxygen. The brain cells in your head will start to die off, if they do not get nutrients for more than thirty minutes, but luckily we do not need to eat every half hour. We only need to eat a few times a day because our stomach can hold food for us. The bones also act like a storage container for fat. If we eat too much, we put on weight and that is also a fat reserve. Our body can survive only a few short weeks without food, and only a few days without water. When we eat a healthy diverse diet, we are ensuring that we get the proper nutrients that we need to survive, function, and live. There are many people who require many different types of diets. There are many factors that affect what, when, and how much you need. Some of these factors are weight, age, gender, and other such items. A baby will need a lot less food, but a lot more iron per pound than an adult. A male usually needs more food and nutrients than a female because they usually burn more calories and their frames are usually bigger. A growing teenager needs more food than an old grandma because growing requires a lot of energy for cell division. The best diet is diverse with a large diversity of many foods. The main fundamental foods are fruits and vegetables, and grains. The body also requires dairy, protein, fat, grains, and sugars. All of these foods can be categorized into a couple of food groups. There are simple and complex carbohydrates. These carbohydrates give us energy. Simple carbohydrates give humans a fast short burst of energy that makes them feel tired afterwards. Complex carbohydrates give humans a long period of energy, but unlike the simple carbohydrates they do not make people feel tired afterwards. Simple carbohydrates include foods such as soda, sugar, chips, some fruits, and candy. Complex carbohydrates make up food like lasagna, spaghetti, and bread. Simple carbohydrates are also known as sugars. Complex carbohydrates are also known as starches.
Diets are measured in calories. A calorie is the amount of energy required to raise one gram of water through one degree Celsius. The average diet is two thousand calories per day. I need about two thousand, but an extremely active person or a person that wants to gain weight could need up of three thousand calories per day. If someone wants to lose weight a healthy choice would be around fifteen hundred calories. If someone really wants to lose weight, they can take in around one thousand calories per day exercise for about three hours every day.
The best foods all have a few complex carbohydrates. The United