The Body by Stephen King Essay

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Maverick Sprowles
In the story Chris, is a teenager from Castle Rock, Maine. “ Twenty­nine”, Chris said laying down dimonds.” The teens have have a social club (treehouse) in a big elm tree that was in a vacant Chris' family was thought low­life by the people in the town, He had an oldest brother
'Eyeball Chambers' a punk, member of Ace Merill's gang. Chris stole the milk money in school once, but he tried to give it back, unfortunately the person he decided to give it, kept the money and Chris was branded a thief, but it's mainly because of his family reputation that he was also described as a delinquent, His father was abusive and alcoholic, so Chris prefered to hang out with his friends, the ones he looked after and make sure they were ok.Chris wasn't the kind of kid that everyone in town thought he was, actually he was very wise and peacemaker, The kind of bestfriend everyone would like to have.lot in Castle Rock. Stephen King wrote the story The
Body and it is about four boys who left their homes to investigate the death of a young boys and on their journey they find out a lot about themselves along the way. Chris makes himself an easy target of being , Bold , Loving, And contemplative.
Chris out of all the characters is definitely the boldest because he's not afraid and will stand up for his friends and is definitely the “big brother” figure in the story. Chris confronted
Gordie about his anger and frustration with being treated like the rest of his