The Body Shop Marketing Report Essay

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The Body Shop

Executive Summary The Body Shop Company is an international and global industry that produces beauty and cosmetic products. It started in 26th March 1976 in Brighton by Anita Roddick. After more than 30 years of operations, there have been lots of changes and developments in The Body Shop Company, which includes the product category, the changes from the micro and macro environment, and how The Body Shop segments, targets, and positioned its image and product in consumer’s mind.

The micro environments that cause The Body Shop to change are its competitors such as Bath and Body Work, or Origin, and their customers. Every customer has different wants and different needs and The Body Shop
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She thinks most people are likely to visit “The Body Shop” because it could mean the shop that sells products related for body and eventually, people would pay for these products. Besides, the brand “The Body Shop” is also very catchy that it’s easier for consumers to remember, and it’s not easy for competitors to take it.
1.3.5 Labeling After packaging each product, labeling is required to allow customers to know the specification of the product. The flavor, ingredients, place from where it is distributed from, brief details about the flavor and of course the brand name and logo is all included in the labeling of all The Body Shop’s toiletries. Figure 1 shows the logo and brand name of The Body Shop, and figure 2 shows the 3 different features that the bottles have. It is important to show the features the bottles, so that consumer will be more cautious whether to recycle or the bottles or not, as some plastic bottles are not safe for recycling.
2. Micro Environment
2.1 Competitors 2.1.1 Bath and Body Work Bath and Body Work is one of The Body Shop’s major competitors because of the price, which is slightly lower than The Body Shop, but they give the same benefit as what the Body Shop give to the customers. They are using the same natural ingredients as The Body Shop, but what make The Body Shop still much better is The Body Shop is larger in geographical area and location. Bath and Body