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“The Cast of Amatillado”
Have you ever had a good friend you could “trust” that turned his or her back on you? On Page 61 the protagonist Montresor states that he wants revenge the Fortunato the antagonist. This story The Cast of Amatillado was written by Edgar Allan Poe. This story was set in the fifteen hundreds, in Italy, some part of the story takes place at a carnival but most of the story is set in a catacomb. Edgar Allan Poe uses Dramatic irony and foreshadowing in The Cast of Amatillado in order to show one of the many themes “ be careful who you trust.”

Dramatic irony is when the reader knows what is going to happen and the character does not know. Dramatic irony contributes to the theme “be careful who you trust” because Forunato decides to trust Montresor. Which was a bad idea. On page 61 when Montresor says he is going to get his revenge on Fortunato. It plays a roll in dramatic irony because fortunate has no clue what is coming to him. Montresor tricks Fortunato to come into the catacombs by telling him he had some special kind of wine. Fortunato who is a big fan and wanted to prove that he was a fan he decided to go with Montresor.

Foreshadowing is a literary term I used. On page 67, when Montresor finished covering up the wall with Fortunate behind it. It shows foreshadowing because Montresor carries out his revenge like he said he was going to do in the beginning of the story. Foreshadowing is clues given by the author to suggest what may happen