The Book Of Eli

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Corina Gracia
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Professor Jackson
March 20, 2012
The Book of Eli

The Book of Eli is a Post-Apocalyptic action movie Written in 2007 by Gary Whitta and subsequently rewritten in 2008 by Tony Peckham. This movie has some details that make of this movie different, and interesting. With starring of Denzel Washington as Eli and Gary Oldman as Carnegie we would begin to feel, compassion and anger. The character Eli is a very strong person but he also is manner, and pacifist. In the case of Carnegie it is totally the opposite, he is a controller, abuser and is obsessed with a book in order to control the town. However, this two characters are very well development, throughout the movie they reveals their abilities, and limits to defend or obtain a mysterious book. The Book of Eli was filmed in New Mexico in 2009 and was directed by Allen and Albert Hughes. The movie took place in the future after a nuclear war. The war left the new world desolated. Many things from the “old world” were lost, such as knowledge of how to read or write, peace, jobs, and etcetera. Also money did not existed people interchange articles for favor or other goods. The water is a treasure and was very hard to find and obtain, and due to the lack of food, there were many cannibals in the region. That world was such a mess, it looked like a desert, and many things and buildings were destroyed. As a consequence, of the war ignorance was very present in young people. The “evil persons” wanted to take control over the world, but they need to have very mysterious and powerful book. Eli’s mission is to protect it from everything and everyone; even to kill if was need it.
The story starts thirty years after a post-apocalyptic war, Eli was told by a voice to take the book and to deliver a copy to a safe location in the West Coast of the United States. Throughout the movie Eli show his survival abilities, and also why he was the chosen. Eli’s way to think was different, as is his way to live. He is a nomad person who chose to accept the mission. He has surprising abilities such as good listener and smeller, quick hand with knives, guns, and etcetera. In comparison with other characters he has something special and never seen in a post-apocalyptic, like the messiah type before. After the long walk of thirty years, Eli faces his opponent Carnegie who is the leader of the hijackers, he proclaims himself as the ruler of a dusty village. He knows perfectly about the power that the book has in order to bend the people to his will. What makes the movie more unique is the way that the twins, Allen and Albert Hughes made some comic book scenes when Eli’s battle showed entirely in silhouette. The movie has an interesting sunburn browns and pale blues that creates a dry and dusty world under a merciless sky. Being a post-apocalyptic movie it has some biblical references in the book of genesis, psalms and revelations in some scene. In addition some scenes can also be referred to Moses when he was going to the Promised Land, and God sustained his people. In comparison with Jesus, his mission was to “be the one who save the new generation”. Another aspects of the movie are irony and personification; an example of irony was when Eli gives the mouse a piece of roasted cat. And an example of personification was at the end when Eli arrives to the West and the color change more vivid meaning the end of an era.
Allen and Albert Hughes have not shot a film since 2001 with the movie “From Helen”. Both movies are violent and have bloody action scenes. On the other hand, it was wonderful to see two powerful actors on the same screenplay.