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Marcus Harper English 1 The Book of Fate The Book of Fate was written by famous author and TV show host of Decoded, none other than Brad Meltzer. Brad Meltzer is known to write famous epic suspenseful novels that leave readers at the edge of their seat. Also, Brad Meltzer is a TV show host for Decoded on the History channel; the show explains secret societies in America and gets facts straight from accurate sources. The story takes place in Washington DC, Malaysia, Palm Beach, and Miami; it also takes place sometime after George W. Bush’s term. The main characters in this include Wes Holloway, who is a young presidential aid with a bullet grazed scar on his face. The next character is Leland Manning, who is the president in this story he is also known as the Lion because of his bravery. The last main characters are Ron Boyle, who is the president’s best friend and the chief of state and becomes a murder victim, and Lisbeth, a newspaper columnist. In the story, President Manning was at a speech conference at a NASCAR track in Palm Beach and just as he was about to finish, an assassin fired a shot at the president, President Manning pushed a woman out of the way, but instead it looked like he used her as a shield and escaped. The assassin fires another shot and as the bullet flew by, it grazed the left side of Wes’s face and killed Ron Boyle instantly. At the end of Manning’s term he lost the election due to the incident at the race track and he was now a former president and Wes was still his aid, one day at a hotel in Malaysia, Wes was walking back stage during the ex president’s function and was pushed to the side by Boyle, who was supposed to be dead and Boyle left him in the dust, which caused Wes to pursue the truth of what happened on that day. Then Wes tried to visit the assassin, Nico, at a mental hospital, but escaped because of his schizophrenia and has his own mission to kill Wes, whatever it took. One day Wes went out to the Library of Congress to seek the last item checked out by Ron Boyle, which happened to be a mysterious crossword puzzle with Masonic notes on it, along with Manning’s doodles. He also gained aid from a newspaper columnist, Lisbeth, to solve this mystery; which lead them to the photographer who took the photos that framed Manning’s downfall. In one of the pictures they found an agent named Micah who is an agent teamed up with another agent O’Shea, and Wes starts putting the pieces together and gets into contact with Ron Boyle, and finds out the truth that they tried to make Boyle their fourth member of their organization The Romans, which is a section of the freemasons; their mission was to sabotage the election and keep it a secret, but Boyle had refused the offer which caused The Roman’s were responsible for the attempt to kill him. However he was prepared for their revenge by wearing a