The Book Of Job

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Carla Centeio
World Literature
ENG 221-01
The Book of Job
The Book of Job is one of the most famous pieces of biblical literature in the world. it is about the life of a wealthy man called Job, who lived in the land of Uruk. Job was described as “perfect” and “upright” person and “one that feared God eschewed evil”. Job was a very blessed man, he was rich, owned animals and lands, and God also blessed him with seven sons and three daughters, but greater than all his blessings was the love and faith to God he had inside of him.
One day Satan appears to God in heaven and they start a conversation about Job, the most faithful servant God could ever have. Satan tells God that Job is faithful to him, because God had blessed him in so many ways and Satan dares God that if God lets him punishes Job, he will turn and curse against God. God authorizes Satan to torment Job to test his faith, but prohibits him to take Jobs life away. God certainly knew what he was doing.
The book of Job is one of the most profound books I have read, and addresses indirectly about the deepest questions humans of our existence can ask about life. All this suffering that Job went through, was it fair or not? Job was such an exceptional person, didn’t have any sins, didn’t hate anyone, loved his children and most important loved and devoted to God. And this is where I ask this question: why do bad things happen to good people? Why do bad people always get away with things that they do? Why would God the most powerful and conscientious being on earth causes Job, a righteous and religious man, so much suffering? Even after losing everything he had, his wealth and the most important one his family, he still worshiped the Lord asking why all these things are happening to him.
We see Job as a man whom everything he ever had was taken away, but we must remember that God and the devil were “betting” regarding everything that happened, it was a faith contest. Satan believed that if everything was taken away from Job, he would curse and repudiate God, and what had happened was the complete contrary. The more Job suffered, the more he praised to God, Job was faithful to God till the end! And the most beautiful thing was that God knew that Job would never deny or curse him because of his suffering. He continued to be the devoted men of God that he always was. This amazing story could be a good guideline that teaches us many lessons. I am not a believer of the Bible but I do believe in God and I do have faith in him. At the same time I have so many questions to ask about each story. There are so many things that don’t “click” or “match” my thoughts, but this story has opened my eyes of how things really work in life. Job was a strong man, who conquered darkness just by having faith in God. Trough Job’s behavior and character I learned that God gives his people challenges because he knows that we are strong, he knows that we will surpass any suffering just by having faith in him. It was amazing how he never turned his back to God and never cursed him. However I feel that I am not as strong as Job, therefore I wouldn’t be able to make such decision, losing your family is one of the most painful things to ever handle in your lifetime and this would definitely break me apart.
This story also shows us that we must value and trust our thoughts and our conscience over the assumptions and opinions of other people. Job’s friends and even his wife wanted him to give up in life. Such negativity definitely has an impact in one’s life and