The Book Of The City Of Ladies By Augustine Summary

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In summary, Augustine creates the dead body of the republic of ancient Rome by telling a story how they never really began. They never were a real republic because they lacked an absolute justice that could only be provided by the one true god that he claims is around from the bible. Even though Augustine’s description of a life of virtue in the medieval area is without politics, he still establishes a kind of citizenship. This citizenship is that of God, and that our virtue is solely connected based on our acceptance and dedication to be a citizen and servant of God so that we may spend an eternity in his heavenly kingdom.
Christine de Pizan takes another look at political life through virtue, but in this state she describes is of a city full
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“Thus this woman taught and instructed men who had been accustomed, like beasts, to live on acorns, wild grains, and haws, to make use of more convenient foods. This lady did even more: for she had the people of that time gather together in communities. They had traditionally lived scattered here and there in the forest and wilderness, wandering like animals. She taught them to build cities and towns of permanent construction where they could reside together. Thus, thanks to this woman, the world was led away from bestial living conditions to a rational, human life.” [Christine de Pizan, The Book of the City of Ladies, i.35.1] She makes the same argument as Aristotle by telling us a story about a Queen guiding men to civilize themselves and rid the bestial embodiments of their old life before her. This is an explanation that cities, politics and law do not happen by chance and without reason, but are an invention of people and assumingly under the authority of God based on her previous contexts. This is another moment where we can see the similar beginnings of an empire or government that is laid at the hands of a singular person bring people together that reminds us of when Romulus was said to have established