The Book Theif Essay

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Prologue, Part One

1. What did Death find painful about his duties? Death couldn’t stand to look at the survivors, or leftover humans. 2. What mistake did Death make at the train line? After taking Werner’s spirit, he stuck around to watch Liesel. He was curious. 3. What tragedy struck Liesel’s family while on board the train? Liesel’s brother, Werner died on their way to Molching. 4. Why were Liesel and her brother supposed to be placed in foster care in January 1939? The foster parents are able to take care of the children better than the mother would. 5. Why did Death think it was foolish for the poor people to escape poverty? 6. Why was the book about grave digging significant to Liesel? She
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his whole life. Both enjoy soccer.

Parts Two, Three Questions 1. How did Hans’s Christmas gift to Liesel reveal the depth of his feelings for her? He used the money he got for rolling cigarettes to spend on the gift. This shiwed how much he cares for Liesel. 2. How did the Hubermann’s financial situation reflect the general state of Germany’s economy in the 1930’s? It shows that their economy wasn’t doing well, as well as America. 3. Why did Mama Hubermann risk sending Liesel on the important business of laundry pickup and delivery? Mama decided it would be harder to cancel the laundry business to a little girl. 4. Why did the Hubermann’s avoid any discussion about Liesel’s mother in front of her daughter? They did not want to bring up any questions Liesel might ask. 5. In what important respect did Hans Junior differ form his father? Hans Junior was a part of the Nazi Party, whereas Hans was not in the Nazi Party and wasn’t very “gung-ho” about it. 6. Why did Hans Junior accuse his father of cowardice? What mistake had Papa Hubbermann committed? Papa was a coward for not trying hard enough to get in the Nazi Party, and trying to help the country by ending the Jews. Papa made the mistake of painting over profanity on a Jew’s building. 7. Why did the